Our menus have 3 entrees at choice: one fish dish, one meat dish and one vegetarian dish.

Coffee break „Small“:
scones and fruits

Choose your snacks for your coffee breaks:

1. „Fitness“:
yoghurt, milk, various cereals, cerealbars and fruits

2. „Landhotel“: cakes, fruits, chocolate bars, scones

3. „Klassik“: buns with cheese and sausage, fruits, chocolate bars, scones

4. „Light“: quark with herbs, cruditès, pineapple- & melon, scones

5. „Meeting“: oven fresh pretzels with butter, fruits, chocolate bars, scones

(These coffee breaks are included in meeting fixed rates I and II.)

Additional meals for the meeting fixed rates:
coffee break „Bayrisch“:
Weißwürste (veal sausages) with sweat mustard, pretzels
additional 7,00 € p. p.
coffee break „Finger-Buffet“:
minipizzas, puff pastries
additional 7,00 € p. p.